Why The Hospitality Industry Is So Attractive to Work In

The team at Icognia, in different ways, have a passion for hospitality. Some of us have worked in hospitality, some have a real skill heavily praised within the industry and we all appreciate the hard work that goes into running a great hotel - it’s an art. 

More people are moving into the hospitality industry and below we’ve listed just some of the reasons why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Many hotels now use smart scheduling systems - these look at trends from that hotel to forecast labour needs in the future. That means the hotel will always be well equipped for housekeeping, chefs, front of house and maintenance. 
  2. The flexibility of shifts means your social life, passions and hobbies never have to suffer. As an example, we’ve placed candidates in beautifully rural hotels so on days off, those people can live their true passion, hiking and camping amongst nature. Whatever your hobbies might be, you may appreciate the flexibility hospitality can bring. 
  3. There are very few barriers to entry in the hospitality industry. There's no qualifications needed unlike a lot of sectors and point 4 makes this point even more attractive!
  4. For some people, they may not link the hospitality industry with career progression. This couldn’t be further from the truth - and may actually be an industry where you can progress much faster, regardless of the department. Hotels are always looking for fresh concepts and ideas, that’s pretty much a necessity for a management role and who better than fresh talent!
  5. Weekly pay is another real win when it comes to the hospitality industry. Any extra hours are paid as overtime, you aren’t working late at the office for little to no recognition, you’re instantly rewarded for your hard work. This is also a really attractive reason for those who are economical with their money. Having a steady income paid weekly can also help with outgoings - did you know you can pay your mortgage on a fortnightly basis, which in the long run will save on the interest your paying.
  6. Live-in is often available too, meaning you have much more flexibility in moving around the country.
  7. A positive work culture is typical for the hospitality industry, different departments all working for the same goal - it really breeds a “one team” mindset. We choose our clients really carefully, those that respect time off, schedule days off together and keep them regular so you can plan your social calendars accordingly - that isn’t a given in this industry - and is just another reason why you should choose Icognia to find your next role.
  8. Perks of the job are always nice too, it may be discounts for overnight stays or meals at the restaurant, staff meals while on shift or ability to use the gym or spa, these are always added bonuses!

If you’re looking for a new role within hospitality (kitchen, back of house, front of house, spa, reception or management) please get in touch. We’d love to speak to you. 

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality