A Growing Trend In Hospitality

Raus, a startup hospitality company in Germany, created tiny living spaces for people to stay – as an alternative to large hotels.  

The Start Up

The company started in October of last year, but by the end of 2022 plan to have 50 cabins dotted around Berlin. These cabins are definitely in line with the growing trend of tiny living. You can see instantly that each space has been well thought out to use the space as much as possible with clever design, but also incorporate the wonderful views around each cabin.  

The cabins allow visitors to really be at one with nature and you can view the starry night sky from the comfort of your bed. At Icognia we are always looking out for the next trends in hospitality – we love anything quirky and cool and these cabins are right up our street.  

The Future

Hopefully we’ll see a few of these popping up in the grounds of a few of our clients’ hotels. A lot of our clients’ hotels are set in such idyllic settings it would be incredible to offer an alternative stay with these cabins – imagine waking up in one of them, practically on the beach in Cornwall, or sitting beside a warm fire, forest all around. Let’s hope if and when they do staff discount is offered! 

All photos are taken from Raus’ website, which you can find here: raus.life 

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality