Meet the Team: Holly

Holly is our Support & Admin at Icognia and has been with us since 2019. She ensures everything is running smoothly in the background and frankly without her the rest of us would be lost!  

Before Icognia, Holly worked within the hospitality sector as a Front of House Supervisor, previous roles included management and front of house. Her favourite part about working within hospitality has always been the culture. “It’s like a family, you all band in together when things get busy. You may snap at someone when you’re stressed but within minutes you’re all laughing and joking again. I really love that environment.” 

Holly happily admits she isn’t the best chef, but is happy to taste test! Since the birth of her first son she has become more interested in cooking as she wants to be able to make homemade meals for her family. Hopefully we will be sharing some of her achievements soon. You may see on social media Holly attempting baby puree’s - we thought it was a lighthearted spin on much more ambitious and tasty recipes others film and share.  

Outside of work, Holly will most likely be spending time with her family – including her 6-month-old son. In the summer she loves to garden and in the winter she may be sewing. You may not speak directly to Holly when you interact with Icognia, but she’ll likely be in the background, supporting us all. 

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality