Keeping Cool in a Kitchen During a Heatwave

Heatwaves often seem like a lovely idea, something we long for, but let’s be honest, we Brits aren’t used to hot weather and so we are really ill-equipped at keeping cool. The last thing we want to be doing in a heatwave is cooking but if you work in a kitchen there’s very little you can do.  

Below, we share our tips in keeping a kitchen cool, if you have any of your own, please share them with us too! 

This may not be doable for every recipe but try to avoid using an oven and hob where possible. If you can, swap to slow cookers and air fryers to reduce the heat within the kitchen. 

Early morning (when it’s cooler) open windows in the kitchen and close them as it starts to get warmer. 

If you have a fan turn it on and place a large bottle of frozen water in front of it (plastic milk bottles filled with water work really well) 

Try and prep meals earlier in the day, when the kitchen is cooler. If possible try and manipulate the menu to encourage guests to choose “cooler” options. Introduce some salads or charcuterie boards as specials and ask the Front of House team to really sell these items. You could even include an incentive for this, so the Front of House team member who sells the most “cold” meals wins a bottle of wine or a meal for 2 cooked by the team.  

Drink plenty of water, make sure you and your team stay hydrated during the hot weather.  

It’s difficult enough working in a warm environment, so we salute every person who has to do so surrounded by boiling ovens and hobs. We hope your work is valued by the guests and your employer – if not, it may be time for a career change, and you know just who can help with that, Icognia! 

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality