High Numbers Joining Hospitality - But Leaving Rate Needs to Lower

The number of those joining the hospitality industry is on the rise. Data from Fourth shows the overall number of people in hospitality is up by 21.7% compared to June 2021.  

This is such an encouraging sign and we at Icognia are so pleased to see people entering the industry we love so much. Sebastien Sepierre, Managing Director – EMEA, Fourth, said: 

“Due to long-term perceptions about unsociable working hours and conditions, the incredible career opportunities that hospitality presents are not always obvious to newcomers or to those outside the trade.” 

We only work with boutique hotels and restaurants that really look after their employees. It was disappointing to see that, despite the rise in people joining hospitality, 6% of the labour force leave every month. That’s why it’s so important, when you’re looking for a role (in any industry) you choose a company that aligns with you.  

That may sound tough, but that’s what we are here for at Icognia. We get to know you, your drive and ambition before recommending one of the clients we work with. Why jump around hotel to hotel, not fitting into the culture and having a feel of dread going to work – when you can actually enjoy what you do and love who you work with. Not every hotel we work with will be the right fit for you, why would they, but it’s our role to find the perfect one.  

Our candidates are happy in their roles and stay because of it. It's refreshing to see people happy at work and able to balance their passions, social lives and familes with a job they are happy with. 

If you’re interested in finding the right role for you – one that supports, encourages and develops – speak to us today, we’d love to hear from you! 

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality