Wages in Hospitality Rise by 6.4%

The Office of National Statistics has released data that the monthly wage of an employee within the hospitality industry has risen by 6.4% since the beginning of 2022. This is really positive news for the industry. The hospitality sector is often overlooked as a great industry to work in – so we love when great news like this comes up.  

We’ve highlighted just some of the benefits to working in the industry, but a great one is that there is no barrier to entry. Considering that companies look within the industry to promote it presents a really attractive opportunity for someone starting out, wanting to climb the ladder.  

Looking at Indeed statistics, the hotels we recruit for are consistently above average and good pay rates – demonstrating that the companies we recruit for share our values, which revolve around supporting their employees and being great employers.  

If you want to be valued within the company you work for then please get in touch with us. Our recruitment team will recommend hotels that match your ethos and values and place you in your perfect role!  

Posted by: Icognia Hospitality